Annual HQ Conference

Annual SIGN Conference Details

“2018 Treatment of Difficult Fractures Around the World”

Course Dates: September 12-15, 2018

Location: SIGN Headquarters

451 Hills Street, Richland, Washington State, 99354

Registration for the SIGN Conference is now full. If you are interested in being put on the waiting list, please contact the Program Office. 

2018 SIGN Conference Information

For information about the 2018 SIGN Conference, please click here.

Call for Abstracts

SIGN is now accepting abstracts for the September conference

DEADLINE: Friday, April 6, 2018

The deadline is firm due to the other documents needed for submission to complete the course planning.

For information on abstract guidelines, please click here.

Submit your abstract by sending an email to our Program Office.

Conference Scholarships

We are beginning to prepare for the Annual SIGN Conference. Airline travel is becoming more expensive and we are therefore participating in more conferences in developing countries. We do receive some scholarship money for transportation to the SIGN conference. This varies every year.

The criteria for choosing which surgeon receives a transportation scholarship is based on the following:

Reporting – Program managers who report promptly and include follow-up will be given first priority.

Engagement – This means discussing new indications and techniques for SIGN implants and instruments and following up these patients.

Presentations – The presentations are becoming better and better during the SIGN Conference. We urge you to begin preparing your paper now and we will be happy to assist you.

Teaching new SIGN Surgeons – We are always interested in giving the most service possible to poor patients. If you know of a hospital that treats the poor, has surgeons that use good technique and are compassionate to the poor, please let us know.

Travel Information

SIGN is located in Washington State (not Washington DC). The nearest airport is located in Pasco, Washington (airport code is PSC) which is about a 15 minute drive to SIGN headquarters in Richland. There are no direct international flights to Pasco. Flights route to Pasco from Seattle, Washington and several other large cities (such as Portland, Oregon; Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colorado). Pasco is about a one hour flight from Seattle and about a 4 hour drive from Seattle or Portland. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to attend the SIGN conference?

Answer: Please see your country’s embassy website for specific instructions on obtaining a US visa.

What if I need additional documentation for my visa application?

Answer: Send a detailed request to the Program Office.

What is the nearest airport?

Answer: Final destination is Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) in Pasco, Washington State.

Can SIGN Staff book my flights for me?

Answer: Please use your own travel agent to book your flights to Pasco, Washington State.

Can I bring my family?

Answer: Yes, but you will need to pay for the cost of hotel and meals for any additional guests. SIGN can provide a travel recommendation letter for your family members.

Do I have to pay for my hotel and meals?

Answer: Hotel –  SIGN will provide hotel accommodations during the course dates. Hotel check-in date is September 11th. Check-out date is September 16th.

Answer: Meals – Breakfast will be available each morning at the hotel. Lunch will be provided for registered attendees through Saturday, September 15th.  Dinner will be provided on the evenings of Wednesday, September 12th, Thursday, September 13th, and Friday, September 14th.  You will be responsible to pay for any additional dinners following.

Do I have to share a hotel room?

Answer: SIGN pairs attendees who are not bringing family members. This is to keep event costs down. If you have special room requirements, please inform the Conference Coordinator.

How do I apply for a travel scholarship?

Answer: Send an email to Jeri Rosenthal explaining your need for a scholarship and your reason for attending the SIGN Conference.

I received a scholarship, how do I get these funds?

Answer: The Accounting Department will give you reimbursement for your travel expenses upon your arrival at the SIGN Conference. Please bring your airline invoice, which shows your total flight cost.

How do I request attendance in other courses offered?

Answer: Please send your request by email to Jeri Rosenthal

How do I submit an abstract?

Answer: Please send your abstract file to Jeri Rosenthal

How do I submit my Power Point Presentation?

Answer: Please send your Presentation file to Jeri Rosenthal

How do I email my PowerPoint Presentation if it is too large?

Answer: Please email Jeri Rosenthal and you will be sent directions.

Can I pick up SIGN replacements during the SIGN conference?

Answer: Yes. A survey will be sent by email 1 month prior to the SIGN Conference. Submit your response in order to receive a shipment during the course week.

How do I cancel my registration for the SIGN Conference?

Answer: Please send an email to Jeri Rosenthal for any changes or cancellation for your attendance.